May 2022  Batten down the hatches!   A slowing economy and rising interest rates are a    formula for disaster ahead ...
Apr 2022  The Big Bad Wolf   Did the Russians miscalculate? 
Mar 2022  Brush Fire or What?   Russia vs. Ukraine 
Jan 2022  False Flags   Things are not what they seem 



Oct 2020  When the Gloves come off ..    Looking ahead 
Sep 2020  Had Enough?  Do you want anarchy ... or law & order? 
Aug 2020  Downsizing  Individuals, business and government all need to downsize 
Jul 2020  Order is threatened by Insurrection  The breakdown of law & order threatens our way of life! 


Aug 2019  With Mueller done, what is next?   What is the next narrative? 
May 2019  NC - NO -- Now What!  After the Mueller Report! 
Apr 2019  The Crisis of Immigration   Looking at the problem 
Mar 2019  110 Months and Counting.   A look at the U.S. economy 
Feb 2019  Road Trip Observations   Taking a trip from Texas to Pennsylvania and back 


Sep 2018  110 Months and Counting.   A look at the U.S. economy 
Aug 2018  Road Trip Observations   Taking a trip from Texas to Pennsylvania and back 
Jul 2018  Elections Matter    Of course, they do! 
Jun 2018  Swamp Draining is Difficult    Resistance on every front 
May 2018   Is the U.S. dollar safe?   The paper currency is facing risk.
Mar 2018  Term Limits and None of the above!    Two Simple Steps to help drain the swamp. 


DEC 2017  The Circus is in trouble!     Draining the swamp may be impossible! 
NOV 2017 Beyond the Bubble!    We are a consitutional republic ... not a democracy! 
OCT 2017  Whitewashing    George Orwell's 1984 is here ... better late than never! 
SEP 2017  Drain the Swamp! ... Part II   The Shadow Government & the Deep State remain. 
AUG 2017  The Rule of Law   The Deplorables are getting restless!
JUL 2017   Drain the Swamp   The Swamp remains ... can it be drained? 
JUN 2017  Remember Wyckoff  Where's the volume and stop losses? 
MAY 2017   Sell in May and Go Away  93 months and counting ... Can the uplift continue? 
APR 2017   April Fool's ...  Is it "fake news" or just biased?  
MAR 2017  The Risk of Obstructionism!  Continued delay and protests of Trump's agenda could lead to violence. 
FEB 2017  Anarchy or Sanctuary  Enforce immigration law or change it!
JAN 2017  Swamp Cleaning  Trump wants to clean the swamp ... can he?


DEC 2016   Outlook 2017 - "The Outlook is Cloudy"  Tramp wants to change Washington's method of doing business ... Will he be able to do so?
NOV 2016  Disbelief, Knee-jerk reactions, Angst, Anger  A look at the Election and its Impact
AUG 2016  Leaning to the Upside?  The market continues higher ... why?
JUL 2016   The Brexit Recovery  Knee-jerk reactions are often wrong!
JUN 2016   Globalists vs. Sovereignty  What's at stake?
MAY 2016  The Economy & the Five D's  Short-term fixes don't solve long-term problems
APR 2016  The Fallacy of Gun Control  Why it doesn't work.
JAN 2016  Looking for Elephants  Sectors to watch going forward.


DEC 2015  Outlook 2016 - "Peering into the Crystal Ball"   Will the U.S. join the world in a recession in 2016?
NOV 2015  "Politics ... bah humbug!"  The Presidential election cycle is way too long and expensive.
SEP 2015  "The Fruits of Compassion"  Unchecked -- compassion can lead to major changes, and/or destruction.
AUG 2015  "Does it matter who is elected?"  Democrat or Republican -- does it really matter who wins the Presidency or Congress in 2016?
JUL 2015  "Dominoes falling"  Can the market overcome a falling world-wide economic situation.
JUN 2015  "The eCONomy"  Fact vs fiction ... the real economy is not being reported. Watch out for QE4!
MAY 2015  "Shredding the fabric"  Today's events are shredding the "social contract" envisioned by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 
APR 2015  "Infamous Erasures"  Comparing the Nixon Gap with Hillary's server destruction & other frailities.
MAR 2015  What is the Market really saying?  The indices are near all-time highs but does the real economy warrant these levels.
FEB 2015  The Circus Returns!  Politicians from time immorial use sporting events to mollify their constituents.
JAN 2015  Outlook - 2015  Beyond the Tipping Point?


JAN 2014 Outlook - 2014 Looking ahead to an Uncertain Future


SEP 2013 Outlook for Corn & Soybeans - 2013 Looking at harvest prospects and prices going forward
AUG 2013 "Scandals everywhere" It's Benghazi, and the Ministry of Truth
JUL 2013 "Where's the rain?" Drought conditions intensify
JUN 2013 Genealogy Update Updating the database
MAY 2013 QE, GDP, Derivatives and Demographics The public begins to see through the looking glass
APR 2013 April Fool's Investors and politicians are hoodwinked by bad data
MAR 2013 Time to Change Current politicians are clueless and should be sent home en masse
FEB 2013 Fighting the Wrong Battle It is not a problem of liquidity, it is a problem of insolvency
JAN 2013 Outlook 2013 Spending is the problem ...


MAY 2012 Voting needs to be fixed! Voting fraud and solutions to it!
APR 2012 Is raw data better? Examining Jobs and Unemployment data
MAR 2012 Vetting candidates for office The voters must demand change
FEB 2012 Politics and the Budget Throw them all out --
JAN 2012 Outlook 2012 What's ahead in an election year.


DEC 2011 Hunting Elephants Are you an investor or a day-trader?
NOV 2011 The MF Global Mess! Confidence in the markets takes another hit!
OCT 2011 Rumors and Computers Logic in investing has gone bye-bye!
SEP 2011 Hope versus Reality! Optimism and the Ministry of Truth obfuscates the real world
AUG 2011 Kicking the Can Over the Cliff! The problem is too much debt and government spending
JUL 2011 2011 Midyear Review Where we have been and where might we go
JUN 2011 HBS - 50 Years Gone By Ethics, Globalization and Business Education have changed
MAY 2011 Spin or Facts? Let's start to look at the problem without rose-colored glasses!
APR 2011 Stop the Blame Game -- Start Solving the Problem! The politicians are clueless ... replace them all!
MAR2011 $60 Billion in cuts ... are you Serious? $1.6 Trillion deficit and you can only find $60 Billion
FEB 2011 Quantitative Easing and Inflation Will the FED keep inflation at bay?
JAN 2011 The Eight "D's" Can debt be controlled?  If not, what then?


DEC 2010 Hard Choices Ahead or Default? Will politicians take the easy way out?
OCT 2010 The Mid-term elections and your Investments Can you afford not to vote?
SEP 2010 Is the US dollar in Imminent Danger? Can the dollar survive as the world's reserve currency?
AUG 2010 The Markets - Today and the Future Is the economy on the road to recover?
JUL 2010 Mid-year Outlook Are we looking at a double-dip or something worse?
JUN 2010 The Three D's! Demographics, Debt, Default A look at forces facing the world economic outlook.
MAY 2010 Illegal Immigration Can it be solved?
APR 2010 America - Boom or Bankruptcy! Will the good old days return?
JAN 2010 Outlook 2010 Review and looking at possible impact events in 2010


AUG 2009 The Stimulus Report Card What is the effect of the Stimulus?
JAN 2009 Outlook 2009 Review of world economic conditions and 2009 forecast


NOV 2008 Looking at the Challenges Obama faces systemic risks
OCT 2008 Plan B - Using Common Sense The Bailout Plan is not working ...
SEP 2008 Who's Responsible for the Financial Mess? Looking at the Credit Crisis
AUG 2008 How Safe is your wealth with the FDIC? IndyMac's failure turns the spotlight on the FDIC.
JUL 2008 2008 Mid-Year Review Is "struggling-through" the best that can be expected?
JUN 2008 Has the Federal Reserve Bank achieved its mandate? The FED.. what was its mandate and has it met those goals?
FEB 2008 Bad Data creates Bad Decisions Does your perception of the world differ from official data?
JAN 2008 Outlook 2008 Review of world economic conditions and 2008 Forecast


JUN 2007 Taking Back the United States of America! A look at how emergency powers can overthrow the rights of U.S. citizens guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
JAN 2007 Outlook 2007 Review of world economic conditions and 2007 Forecast


JAN 2006 Outlook 2006 Review of world economic conditions and 2006 Forecast




DEC 2004   Outlook 2005 Review of world economic conditions and 2005 Forecast
NOV 2004  Tasks Facing Bush in his Second Term Problems facing President Bush
OCT 2004 Protecting American and its Freedoms The War on Terror and other Pressures require drastic measures.
MAY 2004 Doesn't Anyone Think Anymore? The consequences facing the U.S. as the lemmings take over.
FEB 2004 Chinks in the Armor The role of the US dollar as a reserve currency is in trouble.
JAN 2004 Looking at the Crystal Ball Looking ahead to 2004


NOV 2003 Looking fore and aft Will the market continue its rally?
OCT 2003 Up or down?  Bear market rally or a New Bull Market? Are we still in a bear market?
AUG 2003 Is "Muddling Through" the best we can do?" What if the Fed's pump-priming and the administrations plan doesn't work.
JUL 2003 >"What's ahead?" A look at the roadblocks in the way of recovery for the U.S. Economy.
JUN 2003 "Tittering?" Inflation, Stagflation, or Deflation . .  Which way is the economy headed?
MAY 2003 <>"Who is really ripping the investor off Iraq" The next war will not be fought in a military sense
APR 2003 "Looking beyond Iraq" What is ahead for the US and the war on Terror?
MAR 2003 "Can Protestors stop an Avalanche?" When was the last time appeasement worked?
FEB 2003 "Has the case been made yet?" Slowly the noose tightens
JAN 2003 "Aren't you Glad 2002 is Over?" Looking through a hazy crystal ball.


DEC 2002 Put up or Shut up! ... It is now the Bush Administration's problem
NOV 2002 The Future is unclear! A look at the economy before the mid-term elections.
OCT 2002 It's the lack of demand. . . The economy suffers from a lack of demand caused by many people working at jobs beneath their qualifications if they can find work.
SEP 2002 . . . All of the Time! . . . What's ahead in the markets and the economy
AUG 2002 . . . But not all of the people . . . Have we reached the bottom?
JUL 2002 Some of the people most of the time . . . The market is teetering and so is confidence
JUN 2002 You can fool . . . Is the economy really on the way to recovery or is it just smoke and mirrors?
MAY 2002 Is the dollar doomed? A look at the forces which are causing pressure upon the dollar?
APR 2002 Is it a 'V' recovery, or is a 'W' recession just around the corner?' Are the economists correct in predicting a 'V' recovery or is something obfuscating the real world?
MAR 2002 Can Greenspan plug the Dike? Will the financial markets collapse under the tsunami of bad debts, derivatives, and interest rates?
FEB 2002 Will Reality ever be Acknowledge Fact, not emotions, will eventually determine the course of the Market. But when?
JAN 2002 The Bull versus the Bear The Case for a Bull Market Rally?


DEC 2001 It is now Official - - We have a Recession! Finally, the Government agrees.
NOV 2001 Halloween is not as Scary as the Economy or the Government's willingness to destroy our Constitution and the Bill of Rights! Did your representative even have a copy of the PATRIOT bill to read before they voted?
OCT 2001 We've Got a Job to Do! A look at the US after 911
SEP 2001 Thinking outside the Box for Solutions More of the same won't cut it any longer!
AUG 2001 What could tilt the Applecart and put us in a Depression? Problems facing the US Economy moving towards a Recovery
JUL 2001 Is the Dip Over? or have we reached the crest of the Bear Market Rally. A look at the U. S. economy and the Stock Market
June 2001 Time to Vote your Conscience! The major political parties need to redefine their positions.
MAY 2001 The Power of the Vote The stench from illegal voters far overwhelms the campaign finance scandals which McCain thinks is important!
APR 2001 Remember Runnymeade! When will the tax revolt come?
MAR 2001 Down and Up and Down Some more! Time to Buy or a Bear Market Trap?
FEB 2001 The Party is over - Now is the time to Perform! What honeymoon?
JAN 2001 Living beyond our Means January 2001 - Storm Clouds on the Horizon -- When will excessive credit create a melt-down?


NOV 2000 Clinton's Legacy William J. Clinton's legacy will probably not be to his liking.
SEP 2000 Where did Common Sense Go? Laws, rules and regulations that make common sense a joke!
JUN 2000 The Privatization of Social Security Much ado about little? You won't get rich with the Bush Plan!
MAY 2000 Step Back and Reflect for a Moment! Sometimes a historical view can tell us where we are on the pendulum!
APR 2000 Strategic Investing How to increase your investment performance!
MAR 2000 Want to improve your Investment Performance? Who has your best interest at heart, you or your stock broker?
FEB 2000 Your Business is Kaput when you forget the Customer! The customer pays their salary and perks but today's business executives have forgotten that basic fact!
JAN 2000 It's Circus Time! Facts don't matter - the Millenium is still a year away!


OCT 1999 Harvest Time - 1999 is the year we lost the family farmer! The economic disaster in Agriculture will change forever the face of rural America and increase the cost of food to the consumer.
SEP 1999 The Tragedy of Waco The truth begins to emerge and it shows a government that can't be trusted.
AUG 1999 'Twas Pilot Error and Other Observations What the Major Media did not report while you were glued to the tragedy of JFK, Jr.
JUL 1999 Problems with Presidential Elections in America What's wrong!
JUN 1999 The public school system has failed! Don't fool yourself . . . today's public schools are not improving!
MAY1999 Typical Knee Jerk Reaction Reaction to the Littleton shootings!
APR 1999 Clinton's Kosovo War! The Spin Machine at work again.
MAR 1999 The Budget Surplus is an Illusion! It is only Semantics and Lies!
FEB 1999 When politics are conducted by polls, the mobs rule! The impeachment case is not about sex but perjury and obstruction of justice!
JAN 1999 What's so difficult about Programming? Why does it take a 10 MEG program to print W-2 forms?


NOV 1998 Can the Republican Party be Saved from Itself? Snatching defeat from victory.
SEP 1998 The Rewards of Military Neglect! Are we now a third-rate country?
JUL 1998 The Stock Market and Value Straws in the Wind!
MAY 1998 Press 1 for Marketing,
Press 2 for Technical Support
Technology has forgotten the customer!
APR 1998 Health care progress - is it time
to measure the cost/benefit ratio?
Is the cost worth it?
MAR 1998 The Great Storm of 1998 El Nino strikes again?

A few selected classic's from the archives --

MAR 1997 Venture Capital - Is it for you? A perspective on the changes in Venture Capital.
FEB 1997 The Real State of the Union February 1997 - A commentary on today's economy and the ship of state.
AUG 1996 How Laws are really made! August 1996 - Texas HR 713
MAR 1995 Confidence - such a fragile thing! March 1995 - The greenback is in trouble and so is the US.
NOV 1994 What's Wrong with Engineering Education Today? November 1994 - and suggestions to improve it.
SEP 1994 The hour-glass of time clouds our vision about the ravages of inflation! September 1994 - Looking forward from 1900 at inflation!
JUL1994 Do we really want or need Health Care Reform? July 1994 - An examination of Clinton's proposals.
JUN 1994 D-DAY REVISITED June 1994 - A look at the new War and D-Day
MAR 1994 Athletics vs. Academics March 1994 - What is the real purpose of a university?
FEB 1994 Mandatory Jail Sentences - - a bad idea? February 1994 - Does the crime really justify the sentence?
DEC 1993 Reflections - 25 years after Camelot! December 1993 - A look back at JFK's watch!
AUG 1993 Civil Rights August 1993 - A good idea gone bad!
JUL 1993 Drug Myopia! July 1993 - A case study in how not to increase Exports!
JUN 1993 Mandatory Auto Insurance June 1993 - What's wrong with the implementation of the concept!
APR 1993 Gridlock continues! April 1993 - The Clinton Morass -- Maybe Perot was correct! Experience gained in being Governor of Arkansas is not important for a future President.
FEB 1992 Speed Limits February 1992 - Do they promote safety or are they just sources of revenue?
OCT 1991 Crime Pays Everyone but the Victims! October 1991 - A controversial proposal to revamp the criminal justice system in the US.
JUN 1982 Webster's is Obscene! June 1982 - Texas Board of Education bans Webster's New Collegiate dictionary as obscene.
MAY 1982 Dirty Results From "Clean Air!" May 1982 - A look at the Clean Air Act and its unintended consequences.
MAR 1982 The Lowly Coffee Bean March 1982 - A small treatise on distribution systems in Japan and the US.

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