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Current Outlook

"September 2017"

97 months and counting ...

As the market closed on Thursday, it had been exactly ne year and two months since the last follow-through event and the rally had managed to chalk up a run of 97 months.

The DJIA appears headed back to the 22,000 level in the next few days although historically, September has not been a good month for the markets.

However, the most of the gains come from the FAANGNOSH stocks which have dominated the market for the past two years. The small-caps near the end of August had better market action as the NASDAQ set a new all-time record high on August 31st.

Hurricane Harvey has disrupted some of the economy and losses will exceed $150 billion or more. Some will see that as a boost to the economy going forward although those gains from rebuilding won't immediately show up.

In the meantime, the losses on insurance companies even if only 1 in 6 had insurance will be enormous and could cause a few companies severe financial stress.

While many believe ISIS is shrinking and the North Korean mess is winding down, the chance of a black swan occurring and disrupting the 97 month rally continues to grow.

Fred Richards
August 1, 2017


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